SUV raised on a hydraulic lift with the hood open, undergoing maintenance at AIM High Auto Repair
SUV parked inside the shop with the hood open, undergoing maintenance at AIM High Auto Repair.

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Welcome to AIM High, your local, family-owned full-service auto repair shop. We prioritize family values and customer satisfaction above all else.

Certified in gasoline engine repair, gasoline engine performance, diesel engine repair, diesel engine performance, automatic transmissions, manual transmissions and drive trains, steering suspensions, brakes, electrical systems, climate control systems, and more, we ensure your vehicle is in capable hands.


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Whether it’s a quick fix or a major repair, AIM High has your back. We’ll keep you rolling safely without breaking the bank.

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Professional Solutions

Handling both domestic and foreign, gasoline and diesel, our services will keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Whether it’s routine maintenance or complex repairs, trust our expert team to deliver top-notch service you can rely on.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your vehicle running with routine maintenance services. Oil changes, fluid checks, and other inspections of vital components can help prevent more expensive repairs down the road.

Tires & Wheel Services

Ensure your safety and improve fuel efficiency with our tire services, including rotations and balancing, as well as wheel alignments to enhance handling and prolong tire life.

Repair Services

Trust our experienced technicians to accurately diagnose and repair issues with your vehicle’s brakes, engine, and other systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety on the road.

Our Clients are the Best

This review is long overdue. Bill had been helping me with my car issues for about 4 years. It’s very hard to trust people nowadays. He’s been nothing but fair, friendly, dependable and man of his word since I’ve met him. Let’s not forget, he’s also an expectational mechanic! If his shop were ever to contact me, saying they’ve found another problem, or it was unfortunately going to end up being more than expected, I’d trust them. If carX or Firestone were to call me saying the same thing, I’d think they’re trying to rack up my bill while they have me on their lift. Not aim high, not Bill. He’s something this would is very much lacking, he’s a good man that you can trust. He’s possibly the best mechanic I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with as well.

A week wait is worth it here people. There’s a reason he’s overbooked, and expanded his operation. I could keep going, but just try him. You’ll see for yourself.

- Shane Isaak

Aim High Automotive sets an exceptional standard within the industry. Growing up with family that has highly skilled mechanics, I’m very skeptical on who I let work on my vehicles. Moving to Ankeny and no longer having time to work on them myself, I knew I needed to find someone I can trust. I’ve heard great things about Aim High Automotive and thought it was worth giving them a shot.After several appointments, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Bill and his team are immensely knowledgeable, showcase integrity, and provide excellent communication. Moving forward they will be the only shop that works on my personal and business’s vehicles. If you’re looking for a trustworthy mechanic, I tremendously recommend Aim High Automotive.

- Kyle Huff

The Owner, Bill, was/is thorough, patient and honest. I have an eighteen year old classic (I use that term loosely) car with old car issues. Bill spent the time and effort to track down the problem and fix it without breaking the bank.

- T L

Great experience! They are very knowledgeable and straightforward. Their prices are the best I have found and again I think that goes back too them being precise on the issues with vehicles and not focused on all the fluff that bigger chain stores try to slip in. I have used aim high several times in the past years on 4 different vehicles. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this company. Vehicle maintenance can be frustrating but it’s nice to know who to call when it comes up. Thanks.

- Matt Danielson

I’ve found the best auto service around!! Bill and his team know exactly what needs to be done to maintain my car, and they do it better than anyone! And the value FAR exceeds the cost! I HIGHLY recommend them!

- Gene Kelsey

This place embodies what a mechanic should be. I broke down on the interstate and took it to another mechanic where they ran diagnostics and handed me a hefty bill. I went to AIM High to get a second opinion and man am I thankful for them. They made sure they got to the root of the problem. They recommended taking it to a dealership because of the problem specific to my car, but they didn’t even charge me. Just goes to show how much they really value helping others and doing an excellent job. I am not from Ankeny and am only here for the summer but I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that lives here.

- Gabe Baird


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